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A Son of Jamaica

Before I introduce myself let me thank the “Almighty High” for inspiring me to make this step, so that I can be able to draw Your attention and I hope you all will help to decorate the world with love and prosperity!

My name is Errol Harvey. I was born in Jamaica and have been living in Germany for some years now. During this period of time I have been working as DJ, organizing concerts and parties throughout Germany and neighbour countries as well, trying to bring our Jamaican culture on a wider scale to help abolish the poor living conditions in Jamaica.

Because of my good intention and work I was chosen by the company “L.I.V.E. LIBRARY GmbH” to represent Jamaica at an event called “Dialogue with the world” in Frankfurt, Germany, in the year 1994, sharing our background to promote peace and harmony in the world. All this has motivated me to establish a NGO, the “Center of Jamaican Culture & Development gUG” to help solve social problems and with your support we all can make a big difference….. [Read more ->]

News & New Ideas

Reggae For A Cause

(January 30th, 2015)

The purpose of “Reggae For A Cause” is to pave the way for poor descendants of slaves to make a journey back to Africa to learn more about their roots, the culture of their ancestors and see the places where they were imprisoned before they were crammed together on the slave ships and brought across the Atlantic Ocean to America and the Caribbean. It will help them to define who they are and reinforce their identity and dignity… [Read more ->]

Our Mission

The “Center of Jamaican Culture & Development gUG” will be a place of entertainment, production, education and training. It is a basis for people to come together to build up a “Cultural- Bridge” to strengthen the relationship between Jamaica and other countries. People throughout the world will learn more about the Jamaican people and their culture. On the other side the Jamaicans will get to know more about other people and cultures as well which will lead to a better understanding among the global family…[Read more ->]


I want to introduce some ideas which I, Errol Harvey, have already written down and I am looking for sponsoring to put them out. Two more, a documentary film and a musical play, are in process of planning. These ideas are created to help provide better living conditions for people who live in poverty. Companies or institutions which have interest to sponsor any of these ideas, will get further information on request.
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Give your Opinion

You have any Ideas how to develop cultural integration? We are completely open-minded and would be very happy to implement your Projects together. Please give us your opinion and feedback… [Here ->]